UPA Stool under 8 years old


UPA Stool under 8 years old


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In UPA Stool (- 8 yo) the seat pan may be adjusted to 3 different levels, in order to present various sitting positions according to your child’s height.

This single stool accompanies your child growth, allowing him to be sited with his feet flat on the floor from 3 years old until 8 years old. You can easily transform it, by changing only the set of four legs, to be used from 8 years old until adult age! 

Click here to purchase the additional  set of four legs.

The fact that your child has its own suited and dedicated stool promotes its self-assurance and self-consciousness, as well as increases its autonomy from an early age.

UPA Stool (- 8 yo) was designed to be used preferably with UPA Table (-8 yo), as they have the same levels of adjustment.


Technical information

Dimensions UPA Stool: 33 cm diameter; height 26 cm (level 1) to 33,6 cm (level 3)

Materials: 100% birch plywood

Finish: white high pressure laminate (HPL) and natural birch plywood protected with hard wax oil

Weight: 3 Kg

Additional information

Weight 5.355 kg
Dimensions 34 × 35 × 18 cm
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