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UPA was founded in January 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal, by Patrícia Machado and Gonçalo Valente.

As parents of two small boys, we found the need to design sustainable, high quality, safe and ergonomic furniture, that could be good looking and, at the same time, accompany children’s growth.

We felt from the beginning that it’s important for a child to have its own dedicated space at home, in order to build its self-assurance and autonomy.

As eco-conscious parents, we advocate that it makes sense to have fittings that can be used for a long period of time. The fact is poorly designed products create more waste, by needing to be replaced more often. Thus, we design and manufacture quality and life length products to minimize the impact on the environment.

UPA is a Portuguese expression that serves to incite a person to stand up or to rise, usually used with small children. Therefore, UPA appeared to us as the perfect naming for our company!


In a world that is changing so fast, we are happy to design and manufacture eco friendly furniture that accompanies kids’ growth and adapts to families’ needs.  

Our products are carefully thought of to support and encourage children’s development and autonomy. 

Our mission is to create a happy growth environment, by designing quality, comfortable and safe objects for children of all ages, based on sustainability and ecodesign principles.

We design timeless pieces, adaptable to kids’ preferences through time, that belong both in a small child’s room and in a teenager’s room. UPA Kids’ furniture, with its simple design and minimal aesthetics, encourages children to personalize their space.

Ergonomics and Comfort

UPA Kids’ furniture is designed to grow with the little ones, offering ergonomics and comfort along the way.

In the design of our products, we follow the European Standards, which define the appropriate furniture parameters, related to children’s body dimensions.

The ergonomics of our pieces is fundamental to guarantee well being and to prevent muscular injuries resulting from the adoption of bad postures.

EN 1729
Adjustable stool and table for children

Quality and Safety

UPA furniture is designed and manufactured in Portugal using birch plywood, a flexible material with high strength, from sustainable sources. We produce our pieces with great material efficiency, consistency and high-quality, thanks to the latest C.N.C. (Computer Numerically Controlled) technology.

UPA Kids’ furniture is guaranteed free from harmful material and odor.

Our pieces are finished with high pressure laminate (HPL) that gives them extra protection and allows for an easy cleaning.

To protect the plywood edges, we use a natural product, made of vegetable oil. This product cannot crack or flake like a standard varnish because it does not create a layer on top of the wood. Instead, it penetrates into it, to prevent dirt to get in and keeps the wood ageing beautifully.

Our furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble, including all subsequent adjustments arising with your kid’s growth. 


At UPA Kids, we thrive to develop new solutions for improving our environment, through sustainable design. This involves more than using non-toxic products and wood harvested from responsibly managed forests. We design long-lasting products that accompany children’s growth, avoiding the continuous replacement of furniture that, consequently, has a negative impact on the environment.

Our furniture grows with your child, but it can easily be disassembled and reused by another kid, in a circular system. Also, UPA Kids’ product parts are interchangeable and replaceable so, if you have a damaged part, you don’t need to replace the entire unit.

UPA Kids’ eco friendly furniture is manufactured locally, using European, environmentally certified, birch plywood. Thus, we reduce the environmental load related not only with the raw material, but also to the transport associated with the production phase.

Birch Forest

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